"100" from Schedule One is on the way!

100 - Schedule One Recordings Centennial Album

We at Schedule One Recordings are incredibly excited to finally announce the release of our 100th official album. The aptly titled "100" is slated for a July 3rd release date with pre-orders available on June 19th. 

"100" is a collection of raw, intense music of gigantic proportions, over a year in the making. Assembled by S1 bass-boss Fonkah and meticulously mixed and mastered by resident engineer DFly, the duo has summoned some of the most powerful beats in the Schedule One vault.

Check out the arsenal...

"The Reef" - HammerZz & Incandescent
"Bomb Track" - KS
"Hit Em" - Snafu
"No" (VIP) - Incandescent
"Illusion" - Sephiroth
"The Red Element" - Macrothyst
"Pangolin" - DFly
"Basics" - Macrothyst
"Don't Remember" - 4mulate
"Detached" - Zenocide
"Bassface" - SB1

From our tribe to yours, thank you for the first 100 albums, here's to many more! 

Schedule One

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Schedule One Recordings is a Drum & Bass imprint representing innovative and forward thinking electronic music. Schedule One delivers diverse soundscapes of intricate rhythms and massive basslines, fusing together a wide spectrum of styles and ideas with an emphasis on intelligently programmed music from all over the globe.